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  • TOWER GREEN HE S + solar collectors form a system in energy class A+ in DHW.
  • Low Energy, A-Class, auto-modulating system pumps (EEI ≤ 0.23).
  • 10 : 1 modulation ratio, the highest range of modulation.
  • Possibility to manage up to 3 heating zones.
  • Class 5 according to European Directive UNI EN 483.
  • Condensing heat exchanger.
  • Suitable for connection with solar thermal collectors.
  • 200 lt. built-in DHW double-coil cylinder.
  • Interface with wide display for complete management, that can be removed from the boiler and located inside the house as a control panel.
  • Pump for solar circuit as standard.
  • Flow-meter on solar circuit as standard.
  • 18 lt. expansion vessel for solar circuit as standard.
  • Mixing valve as standard.
  • 8 lt. expansion vessel for DHW circuit as standard.
  • Built-in thermoregulation with external probe supplied as standard.
  • Built-in hydraulic separator with one direct zone with low energy pump.

Product range

Koda Model Dokumenti
20071816 TOWER GREEN HE S 35/200

Commercial and technical documentation

Type Description Language Files
Technical sheet Tower Green HE English
Video TOWER GREEN HE Italian

Specific accessories

Code Name Documents
20027555 Horizontal flue terminal – Ø 60/100 in PP/PPu for condensing
20027292 Boiler adapters (flue + air) twin system – Ø 80 in PP for condensing
20084749 DHW recirculation kit with pump
20084750 Check valves kit fot CH and DHW
20083900 Interface kit for remote control
20083258 Additional direct zone
20080038 Additional motorized mixed zone kit
20083259 Remote control panel
20084751 Template kit for installation

Hydraulic accessories

Code Name Documents
20097192 Condensate pump

Comfort accessories

Code Name Documents
20059639 ALPHA DGT digital room thermostat
20059641 ALPHA DGT WIRELESS digital room thermostat
20063872 ALPHA 7D 7-day digital room thermostat
20101748 ALPHA 7D WIRELESS 7-day WR digital room thermostat – WIFI Ready

Special accessories

Code Name Documents
20085223 Limit thermostat for low temperature installations

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